About Nile River Connections

WELCOME to Nile-River-Connections You are entering one of the oldest and most exciting regions of the world that has interested travellers for centuries. However, travel to this region can be challenging, so by using this website and connecting with us, we will assist you as you plan and prepare for your travels: whether your stay here is only a few hours or stretches to several weeks. We not only live in Egypt, but have a growing network of local friends in the travel industry, who will best guide you into their culture and history; creating an experience of a lifetime. We primarily focus on Egypt, and can also assist with travel to Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda; 4 countries very dependent on the Nile River.

Tim And Ingrid Briscoe
WELCOME to Nile-River-Connections

As you venture into each location you will see how the cultures and histories of each country are connected and influence one another, and how this connection has existed for thousands of years; from the Pharaohs, Cushites, Greeks, Romans, to the Christian and Muslim influences of today.

OUR VISION To promote cultural understanding through memorable experiences; by connecting international guests with experienced and engaging local Egyptian, Sudanese, Ethiopian and Ugandan hosts: and together with trust and integrity, help start and grow effective, indigenous enterprises.

OUR STORY We are Tim & Ingrid Briscoe. We have been married for 32 years and are both 57 years old, with 2 adult children. We have traveled extensively over the last 34 years: to 53 countries and lived in 6 of them (and in each of those for a minimum of 2 years). We have first-hand experience of all the pit-falls of package travels, and have seen an increase in demand for a more meaningful approach to travel.

We have lived in Alexandria (Egypt) for 14 years, and we have traveled to all the major sites and destinations of the 4 countries that we will be dealing with; some as a family, some as a couple and some with friends and guests. We have begun to know, understand and feel what the countries have to offer, and how to show each off to its best advantage, in an ethical and responsible and respectful way. In all cases, the journey cannot be done without our local friends in each country. We have found that the people of this region are some of the most hardworking, kind hearted, fun loving people we have ever met, who love their countries and cultures and look forward to sharing them with guests.

Connect with us and move forward……. There are several ways to connect with us. Email is a good start : nile.river.connections@gmail.com And for a quicker, more urgent response, free free to connect with us on our WhatsApp : +201099774633 We also have a Facebook page : link to our facebook page! We also have many helpful, short Blogs on different aspects of the culture in this region. Following this introduction is more detail information about Egypt. And never forget…..

"Our friends are your hosts, you are our guests”