EGYPT Essential (14 days)

SUDAN Essential (9 days)

ETHIOPIA Essential (10 days)

UGANDA Essential (10 days)

These are our 4 Essential Tours for each of the 4 countries we focus on along the Nile River. These itineraries are meant as a guideline for your travels along the Nile River.

The costs are determined for the number of people indicated as of July 2019 and are for tours based on simple, clean, inexpensive, local accommodation. When you connect with us for booking a tour, or wanting more information, we will re-write and re-caluclate your tour according to your particular needs.

Therefore, we are very happy to tailor itineraries that suit your needs for both smaller groups (even a person traveling alone) to a group of up to 32 persons. Costs per person will increase or decrease according to the size of the group.

We are happy to quote you for just one day or even more than 14 days.

We have included what we value as Essential Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda.

These itineraries focus on history and culture along the Nile River. However, should guests like to visit Egypt’s Western or Eastern Oases (e.g. Siwa Oasis), or Sinai mountains and  seaside resorts (e.g. Mount Sinai and Sharm El Sheikh), or Red Sea Resorts (e.g, Marsa Alam and Hurghada), we are very happy to include these in the itineraries.

We also can offer these specific culture-adventure tours, where we connect you with our friends in four different locations in Egypt that will give you their specific cultural experiences.

Add these to Egypt’s Essential tour (above) or ask us to tailor what you would like to experience.

EGYPT Culture-Adventure (Nile Delta – Egyptians)

EGYPT Culture-Adventure (Aswan – Nubians)

EGYPT Culture-Adventure (Mount Sinai – Bedouins)

EGYPT Culture-Adventure (Siwa Oasis – Berbers)

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